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F Gear N95 Mask Pack of 3 (3640)

F Gear N95 Mask Pack of 3 (3640)


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Original N95 Reusable Protective Face Mask with Respirator. DURABLE & WASHABLE- It can be use multiple times with wash. ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Its stretchable ear loop straps can be adjusted to meet the most head sizes while assurance that it won't hurt your ears or nose during extended hours of wearing. Ideal for wearing by men, women & adolescents alike. LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL - Made up of soft & super light NON-WOVEN & MELT BLOWN material which does not cause any irritation even after prolonged wearing. N-95 FACE MASK - filtration efficiency more than 95% of 2.5 PM. Protects your face, nose, mouth, against dust, smoke, ash, pollution and other particulate matter in all weather conditions. The design provided on the mask filters the air properly and allows it to pass through, letting you breathe even while long time wearing.


How to put on a Mask

Before putting on your face mask, be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water

Place a clean mask on your face

Secure the mask using the ear loop elastic

Press over the nose with thumb and index finger to secure

Ensure the mask covers your nose and mouth and is secure under the chin

Wash your hands

While wearing your mask, avoid touching the mask and your face


Caution and Limitations


  1. This product cannot be applied to prevent against harmful gases.
  2. Discard this face mask when it gets quite dirty or breathing resistance increase remarkably.
  3. Store the mask in clean and cool place. Avoid high temperature over 40°C and humidity over 80%
  4. Baby or patient with respiratory abnormalities cannot use it.
  5. Do not use the face mask when oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%, because this product does not supply oxygen. Use only in adequately ventilated areas with sufficient oxygen.
  6. Do not use the face mask when the concentration of dust, or particles are immediately dangerous to health or life. Leave the contaminated area immediately if breathing gets difficult or dizziness or distress occurs.
  7. Do not use the face mask in explosive atmosphere and place.
  8. Keep the face mask away from vapor, oils, chemicals, liquid, acid, alkaline objects, paint spraying.
  9. Do not steam the face mask, and do not put it in a Microwave oven.



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