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F Gear Galileo Yellow Black 29L Backpack (4016)

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Product Type: College Backpack

Vendor: F Gear


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Our school backpacks are the perfect companion for Youngsters who like to embrace style that complement their free-spirited personality. This huge backpack is the perfect companion of school going kids. These backpacks are crafted using premium-grade soft fabric, they come with a spacious compartment. This backpack is made of durable polyester fabric and is treated to make it water-resistant. It has 4 compartments and a bottle holder on a both sides.

  • Number of compartments – 4
  • The 1st compartment is the smallest. It has an organiser to arrange your mobiles, pens, chargers etc.
  • The second compartment is big enough to keep your notebooks and also a separate zipper sleeve. This huge zippered sleeve is ideal for keeping a lunch box.
  • The third compartment is very big. This is the main body of the bag. It can keep many long and shorts books/clothes etc…..
  • The 4th compartment is thin and long. It is padded at the back. It is suitable to keep files and folders.
  • This backpack is equipped with thick padding & adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort, it comes with carry handle.
  • Two-sided mesh bottle holder.

          31 X 22 X 45 cms (L X W X H) 
          The capacity of the bag is 29L, weight – 500G.