Top 5 trends in corporate laptop bags 2021

Top 5 trends in corporate laptop bags 2021

Have you swooned over a good looking laptop bag at work that a colleague flashed oh so stylishly? Or in the airport maybe? We for sure understand that emotion. The quintessential laptop bag comes with features galore. 

For starters, they need to be able to accommodate quite a few things. A bag isn’t just a bag. It is your mini closet. Here are some ideas you could pick off our products range. 

1). The Aristo: Swanky yet elegant, this one is a must-have for the mid-senior corporate working professional. It not just allows you space for all essentials like cables, diaries et. al. but also gives you ample space to fit in some after-work accessories, especially if you are rushing for a Friday night party straight out of work. Fret no more about not being able to look elegant, with the super stylish and efficient Aristo!

2). The Vaio: This 22 Ltr. super stylish laptop bag is for you if you like it a bit off-beat. With two compartments and a detachable shoulder strap, you could use this as a sleeve even, in case you like that look. Protective of all equipment, this bag can stretch to accommodate a mainframe system maybe. Well, that would be a bit of an exaggeration, but this one is quite spacious, to say the least.

3). The Millionaire Doby: Monsoons can be harsh if you’re travelling and struggling to carry your stuff. There’s a solution we’ve come up with just for you. Amongst other features, this 36 Ltr. backpack laptop bag comes with a rain cover and a built-in USB charging port, in case you’re running out of charge. This jet-black damsel of a bag can sure make eyeballs roll with the amount that it can house. Check our features list in case you’ve fallen in love with this one already!

4). The Mystique: Compact is the word that comes to mind when we showcase this one to you. Men, if you like carrying some of those accessories to work, look no further than this one. If you’re conscious of the environment, which we urge you to be, this bag is quite that with the fabric used. The design is tailor-made for daily use and has more space than what meets the eye. What’s more? You have a choice of shades as well. Jet black and dark brown. Come over to our online store to know more about this one. 

5). The Hamilton: We fell in love with it while making this ultra-chic piece of wonder! If you are a bag connoisseur, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you saw this. Stylish, yet orderly, we made sure, this bag gave the ‘neighbour’s envy’ design to it. It also comes with a laptop sleeve and a detachable shoulder strap with ample room for you to place your accessories without much of a hassle. 

Clothes maketh the man? Those days are long gone. We believe, bags have replaced that statement by quite a margin. Bags today give you a personality. Make sure you match your bags with your accessories or vice versa. All we can say is, we’ve got your back. Oops, did we mean ‘Bag’? 


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