A comparative analysis between backpacks and suitcases

A comparative analysis between backpacks and suitcases

People are generally in a fix before an important journey. One which is quite complex. A good backpack? or a suitcase? People have to consider their travel time, luggage and other factors before choosing between the two. But before that, let’s understand, everything has advantages and disadvantages. This will help you decide better before you make that decision for your next trip:

Capacity:  While suitcases have more space than backpacks, backpacks are compact. Suitcases have a capacity of over 100L too and being portable, easy to drag with wheels too makes for a convenient buy. Backpacks on the other hands also have ample storage space of 80L plus, in case you buy a big one and they come with trolley wheels too. So it is entirely up to your comfort and preference.

Staying organized: While suitcases do not have specific compartments to organise stuff, the mere space allows you the luxury to segregate your stuff in it. Backpacks, on the other hand, have tech sleeves, a water bottle slot, a laptop compartment, et. al. that helps in organizing things. However, it doesn’t house the bigger stuff that a suitcase can. So again, there are pros and cons in both. Choose what your trip demands!

Weight: the invention of wheels has made suitcases a favourite among travellers. This allows any amount of weight to be added to the suitcases without much of a fuss while moving from one place to another. Backpacks on the other hand are super light as well and have a flexible frame. So there’s a choice of going in for a well-crafted backpack that is stylish and comfy at the same time.

Convenience:  Off late, suitcases are convenient to carry along while you fly as they slide easily under your seats or in the overhead compartments. So a one day or two-day business trip becomes simpler on the logistics front with a suitcase that is compact. At the same time, backpacks with wheels are equally simple to carry along, place, get done quickly at security checks etc. Pick what is comfortable and suits your personality. Travel light and happy!

Load distribution:  backpacks distribute the load on your shoulders and back equally. So when you choose a backpack, make sure you’re choosing something comfortable to carry around in transit, railway stations, etc. Fret not with a suitcase as they are evenly distributed and you don’t carry them along anyway.

To put things into perspective hence, both backpacks and suitcases/briefcases can be your best friend. However, you need to be prudent in research, try weighing the pros and cons and go for the best in the segment. F Gear backpacks and suitcases come in a plethora of variants and you can assured of quality as it is a brand that has stood the test of time. Happy travelling!