Are backpacks suitable Corporate Gift idea?

Corporate gifts are given for gratification from the company to its employees and at the same time, to create a brand value in the market. Also, corporate gifting brand logos are printed on the gifts and given to new or existing customers or employees to make sure of a brand recall even after the employee leaves an organisation or for brand visibility from people outside of the company. Don’t we all love gifts?

However, the important question is, what to choose for a corporate gift? There are numerous options available for gifts but the company has to choose which one is suitable for them. The best gift idea is a backpack. Let me tell you why.

The general thought process is, backpacks are for hikers, travellers, students etc. Then why suggest a backpack for a corporate gift? Backpacks have many a benefit. For starters, it is stylish as a corporate gift. Let’s visit a few benefits that backpacks have as gifts:

Stay organized: Good quality backpacks have a plethora of compartments. No more fretting about finding your stuff that was struggling to be organised. Entangled cables of the chargers for example can be quite a menace. There are separate pockets for keeping pens, keys, etc. So organising your stuff becomes a breeze.

Trendy: We live in times, where style takes precedence. However, we don’t want to compromise on comfort. Backpacks fulfil both the requirements. You could also tailor-make backpacks for a particular set of employees, clients et. al. to make sure, everyone has a smile upon receiving their gifts.

Saves time: Backpacks are low maintenance and save a lot of time for your employees. Just throw in all that you need into it while they are also organised to a T.

Best for promotional purpose:  Backpacks are the best option to give as a promotional gift as everyone needs a backpack and when you give them to your customers or employees they use it regularly and the reach of your brand is higher due to higher visibility. It is a win-win situation for both companies and clients.

Safety: Backpacks have zip-locked compartments that can house your valuable items like cards, cash etc. Also, they come with a water-resistant feature that saves your stuff from rain.

Cost-effective:  Buying backpacks in bulk for corporate gifting is cost-effective. Compare it with other gifting ideas like headphones, branded watches, etc. They score high on the cost-effectiveness quotient.

Backpacks are unisex:  Since backpacks can be used by both men and women so you don't need to fret about buying separate items. Also, don’t fret about choosing separate colours. Pick a neutral shade and you’re done. Truly unisex huh?


 You don’t need to think twice about choosing backpacks as corporate gifts for your employees and clients. They are ‘Just what the doctor ordered!’. Get in touch with us to know more about the range, availability, cost etc. Remember, the gratification of employees takes your brand a long way. As we mentioned, brand recall is paramount and backpacks leave a lasting impression. Let’s get your corporate gifts going already?