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Backpacks can be a woman’s best friend too

As much as you may debate, think fashion, think women! The swag quotient is totally different. Accessories are their go-to weapons, and backpacks sometimes can complement their clothes, especially whilst on a trip.

Let’s visit some important pointers due to which, backpacks can become a woman’s best accessory. A good friend maybe?

  • Love for fashion: As discussed, the best exponents of trends and the latest from the world of fashion can’t get better than women themselves! Most designer backpacks are expensive though but that could only act as an advantage!
  • Unique design: Backpacks with high-end brand labels such as F Gear and the likes are uniquely designed to make them stand out. Some of these backpacks double up as a designer outfit, apart from housing the most essential accessories.
  • Convenience:You ought to get those shades of lipsticks, mascaras, etc. all in one bag, if you wanna travel light. Most of the backpacks are designed keeping in mind the convenience factor. With many a compartment, F Gear backpacks are not just trendy but quite comfortable in housing everything that you need for that quick trip, yet travel light!
  • Mary Poppins effect: Everything and anything you want is at your fingertips when you own a backpack as good as the ones available in our range! Be it the 4-week old receipt that you so badly need for reimbursement or a slick lipstick. Which means you have your tool kit right at your disposal.
  • Affordability: It is a toss up between carrying a slick handbag, plus a stroller bag, plus some extras to fit in your footwear as compared to carrying a trendy, sporty backpack that can accommodate all that you need for a quick weekend getaway. Just dump it and be done with it huh!
  • Low Maintenance: Backpacks don’t need to be attended to beyond just basics. So, if you are that woman who doesn’t like it all mushy, but prefer it rugged, trendy or sporty, then hey, just pick up one from our store and scoot on that quick weekend getaway.
  • Best friend when in doubt: When in doubt, stick to basics. You can’t go wrong with denim and a white tee can you?  Or a black one perhaps? And to complement it, a trendy backpack!
  • Conclusion:


So what are you waiting for? Let’s help you keep it simple, trendy and fun whilst you are planning that trip that you’ve been waiting to go on for so long! Visit us on for more information on the latest in backpacks, suitcases, laptop bags and the works!