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 Backpacks Vs Shoulder Bags, A Comparison

It isn't rocket science to figure out that different categories of commuters require different styles of clothing and accessories to help them achieve their desired aesthetic, be it for work or for enhancement of their personal style. It isn't set in stone that a particular style of bag is better than the other. Naturally, both backpacks and shoulder bags have their own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to practical usage and beauty. However, you can find the right fit for you if you're willing to look around a little bit. The purpose of this article is not to establish the superiority of a particular style over the other, but to help you choose for yourself from the FGear collection.


Backpacks are generally most commonly used by students and people who have to carry their laptop or other hefty items to work. It isn't exactly considered to be a part of 'professional attire' because it has the potential to make you look a little juvenile and sloppy. Apart from that, backpacks make it a little inconvenient to reach your items because you have to keep taking it off and putting it back on. Don't write it off your to-buy-list just yet though, backpacks are perfect for carrying to trips or on days when you have more-than-usual luggage.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Comfortable mass distribution
  • Promotes better posture
  • Good for holding fragile items
  • Multiple compartments help in organizing things better
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Durable
  • Usually water-resistant


  • Inconvenience in accessing your stuff
  • Isn't considered 'professional'


Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags or messenger bags are mainly used by office-goers on the daily or women who want to 'up' their style game. They are not recommended for carrying anything too bulky as the strap might give away or the uneven distribution of weight might cause muscle pain and strain.


  • Perfect for carrying minimal items
  • Lightweight
  • Societally considered more 'stylish'
  • Provides better security
  • Easier access to items


  • Feels uncomfortable on the shoulder
  • Storage capacity is not large
  • Does not have a lot of many compartments
  • Not as durable as backpacks
  • The water resistance feature is not available in most units.


 From the above factors, we can deduce that both backpacks and shoulder bags have their unique edge and it cannot be conclusively imposed that one is higher-up than the other. Although backpacks earn some major brownie points for comfort and high load-carrying-capacity, they fall short when it comes to making the bearer look professional and dapper. On the other hand, shoulder bags look chic and sophisticated but don't have the capacity to hold anything substantially heavy and fail to distribute the luggage weight evenly. Therefore, you need to have one of each kind for different kinds of meetings and destinations, for example, you can take a shoulder bag to work and a backpack to your hiking trip. You can check out FGear for their collection of affordable and feature-packed bags.