How to clean luggage


A very warm welcome to all!

This being our first blog we thought of speaking of something which is very essential in our lives.

So here we come out with the top tips for cleaning the luggage.

Yes this is true that while travelling we do come across dirty, grimy places and the one thing which really wears the brunt protecting our essentials is our luggage. It is a good practice to do a quick make do of the luggage before storing it away.

  • Firstly wipe the entire luggage with a soft piece of cloth or a soft brush to dust away the dirt. This is very important as a lot of dry dust just goes away.
  • Then we can proceed and wipe on the outside and inside with a wet cloth.
  • In case the luggage is extra dirty we wipe it with a mild detergent and further with wet cloth.
  • Most luggage being of Nylon or polyester are easily cleanable.
  • Put it for airing outside in the shade, preferably not in the sun.
  • For wheels, handles etc we can use any disinfecting wipes and clean them and make it germ free.

So well we have not gone into details of Specialized fabrics and specific dirt such as grease etc which we will definitely cover at a later stage. But this is a general clean up of a normal luggage.


Hope you all enjoyed reading! Please do share your feedback regarding the same.