Camo collection


Alpha to Bravo! Alpha to Bravo! Roger that! Sound like familiar lines don’t they?

For years, we’ve seen the trend grow. Camouflage is part of the style quotient. Makes one look rugged and is the perfect companion if you’re a trekker, hiker or even a casual clothing connoisseur.

 From MS Dhoni to many a celebrity, camouflage collections have been a favourite. Cargo pants became a thing in the late 90s and the early 2000s and have grown in stature in the last two decades. As a lifestyle apparel retail brand, F Gear realised the immense potential for camo collection and put together a range that is too hot to resist!

 This camouflage collection isn’t just for the ones who go out climbing or camping, but the regular college goer or even the office goer can flaunt his or her bag in style with our state of the art designs. What’s more? there’s ample storage you can bank on!

 Weekends are the time to be with family and friends. How about taking that two days vacay and unwind in style? You can drop your suitcases, throw in all your essentials into this prized possession of yours that has unimaginable storage.

 In today’s discussion, we’d like to feature The F Gear 40 Ltrs Revolution Marpat WL Digital camo Laptop Backpack (3333). This one, we promise is going to take your breath away! Here are some of the highlights this damsel has on offer:

  • High Fashion And Contemporary Camo Print; Utility D-Ring; Zippered Pouch & Mesh Pocket
  • Water Resistant Material; Carry Handle; Heavy Duty Military Molle System
  • Large Size Laptop Compartment (Upto 16 Inches); Anti- Sweat Breathable Air Mesh; Unisex S- Curse Extra Padded Shoulder Back Strap with Foam Back
  • Sternum Strap to Disperse the weight of the backpack; Adjustable Strap
  • Cinch Strap Buckle; Safety Compression System; Capacity:- 40 Ltrs; Outer Material: Polyester

Don’t we already see you drool over this one? Well, a freshly baked thin crust pizza just outta the oven, A hot cuppa on a rainy evening, the smell of earth kissed with the first droplets of rain are some of the most irresistible things in the world. Add this backpack to that list!

 In case you wish to own one of them, visit us on and check out our products range. We don’t generally like to spoil people for choice, but if you wish to witness what range is, look no further! Until next time, happy shopping!