How to choose Travel Backpack

How to choose Travel Backpack?

Backpacks store a lot of stuff as compared to regular bags. Backpacks are light and simple to handle. Good quality backpacks also keep in mind the spinal cord and are designed to perfection to protect the posture of the medulla spinal. 


Good gear is desirable, in case you decide to head out on a vacation. Also remember, ample storage is necessary when you head out on a hike, a vacation or go camping for that matter. You need to put in all that you require and travel light at the same time. In such cases, a quality backpack acts like a messiah.

Here are some features you ought to check before you pick up a great backpack for yourself:

Comfort: Absolute essential. If an individual wants to hold heavyweights he/she needs a hip belt to transfer the load to the hips instead of having it on the back or even the shoulders.

Cost: Standard backpacks of high quality come with a warranty, accidental damage, etc. So make sure, you don’t throw peanuts while looking for a good quality backpack. You've got to spend a considerable amount to urge a decent backpack.

Weight & Durability: It’s always good to pick up a lightweight backpack. However, durability needs to be considered because durability is directly proportional to the quality of materials used to prepare a high-quality backpack. Especially, if you are using the backpack extensively.

Frame: Backpacks with a good internal frame may be a good selection. The best backpacks have rods outside them to support the built quality that makes them easy to hold.

Volume: the dimensions of the simplest backpack should be 40-50L. For big expeditions 70L is ideal and for smaller trips, a 30L backpack is sufficient.

Material: The fabric should be conducive for all-weather such as rain, snow, heat, et. al. Thus, material selection is extremely important while choosing a backpack. Dyneema material is resistant and is of lightweight because it is water-resistant and it's also expensive as compared to other materials but it is well worth the price.

The cool factor: The coolness quotient is something all of us consider without a second thought. We’d like to pick up a backpack that makes us look suave.

Lockable zippers: While it isn’t mandatory, you might want to check if your backpack comes with two zippers in the compartment of the backpack. This makes it easy to lock them together. For buying locks for the zipper take into consideration TSA-friendly locks that are safe and efficient.

Drawstrings and Bungee ties: This feature in the backpack helps in attaching items outside the backpack in case you are lacking space inside it like a sleeping bag, a bag for wet clothes, soiled laundry, shoes, etc.

Air space ventilation- A well-ventilated backpack allows the backpack to breathe and prevents your back from perspiring and keeps it away from direct contact. This feature is quite helpful in case you are planning for a long trip such as a hike where you need to carry a backpack for a long durations.

Laptop compartment:  Many times, people do not take care of the laptop compartment while buying a backpack. One should check for a laptop compartment on the exterior side that will help in easy access while at airport security checks and other areas where you would like to use your laptop.


While buying a backpack, one shan't ignore these factors as they are prerequisites and help in choosing that perfect backpack for all your needs. The backpacks are not the stuff that is bought regularly so take a decision wisely to make your travel comfortable.