Should students be allowed to carry backpacks to school

Should students be allowed to carry backpacks to school?

This one seems like a no-brainer, really. A backpack isn't exactly some majorly outrageous fashion fad, it's actually a really convenient and comfortable item of necessity for a student. Taking away the right to carry a safe space for your personal belongings seems against the very grain of freedom of a student. However, there are some sound arguments for the abolition of the allowance of carrying backpacks to school that make us rethink whether the decision is so easy or not. In this article, we list down a set of pros and cons of letting students carry backpacks to school.


  • Items can be organized properly: Backpacks have a lot of compartments for carrying the stuff in an organized manner. Large compartments are used for carrying laptops, books, and small compartments for carrying pencil boxes, water bottles, etc. These are designed keeping in mind the needs of the user.
  • Get your hands free: The comfortable straps of the backpack help in keeping both your hands free to do other important activities like carrying books, playing, running around, etc.
  • Saves time: Since all the items are present in the same place, aka the bag, students don't have to run to their lockers every time they need something small.
  • Provides Safety: A waterproof backpack that is made up of nylon or polyester keeps things safe in the case of rain. It also has a TSA facility that saves you from pickpockets. High-quality backpacks are lightweight and flexible so it provides security to the items.
  • Convenience: It makes it easy to carry things from one place to another as it has separate space for each item like for water bottle, laptop, and keys. Due to this, you don't have to carry your books or other items in your hand from classroom to classroom. Makes you look neater overall.


  • Creates health problems: If the backpack isn't of a good quality, there could be back issues, neck issues and even spinal cord injuries due to carrying heavy loads for a long time. Since younger kids are more susceptible to this since their muscles haven't fully developed yet, it can be advised that they should avoid carrying backpacks to school.
  • Contrabands: Many times students use backpacks for hiding smuggled prohibited goods in school. It is also not possible for a school administrator to keep an eye on students due to the large number of students in any given school.


Therefore, by analyzing the arguments on both sides, we can infer that carrying backpacks is more convenient for both the schools and the students. The schools avoid extra cost by removing the need to build lockers for each student. The students on the other hand get a space for carrying their personal items without having to worry about it being stolen from their lockers. When it comes to smuggling in contraband, we should realise that that can happen even if students don't bring their own bags.