Wearing a Face Mask: Why We Should Normalise It Even After the Pandemic Is Over

Wearing a Face Mask: Why We Should Normalise It Even After the Pandemic Is Over

With the second wave of Corona dying down and the illusion of normalcy being restored again, it can be dangerously simple to fall back into old patterns. Sanitization has become a mere after-thought, greetings have become physical again, and travelling and commuting to places have been somewhat easier. The overall scariness of the situation has dissipated and so have the employment of precautions to keep another wave at bay. However, as tempting as it may seem to pull off your mask and go about your way again, there are solid arguments against it. Read on to know why you should consider keeping that mask on even after the pandemic is over:

Protection from pollution and dust:

Most of us that live in well-populated cities know for a fact that dust, smoke and pollution can wreak havoc on the skin. Since the skin on your face is one of the more sensitive areas of the body and is easily noticeable, it is essential to have healthy, glowing skin. Wearing a face mask greatly helps in reducing the amount of damage caused to the skin from external sources by creating a physical barrier between the dust and your skin. Of course, usage of face mask should be implemented along with basic skin care activities to make your skin feel good from the inside.

Avoiding the spread of allergies:

Even when the threat of Coronavirus is over, flu and colds will still be very real. It is our responsibility as decent human beings to contain the spread of diseases as far as possible and prevent passing them on to those we interact with. A mask helps in this scenario as it allows you to associate with others without the risk of transmission of even the least scary of diseases. Apart from that, if you have a dust allergy, you should ideally wear a mask every time you go out because that will prevent any aggravation of the allergy symptoms.

Avoids uncomfortable interactions:

This may seem funny and selfish at the first reading but hear it out. We have all had moments when we would rather avoid a nosy neighbour at the grocery store or an ex-colleague that you do not wish to interact with. Wearing a mask makes it difficult to an extent for people to recognise you and saves you from these unnecessary and at times embarrassing moments.

For the style quotient:

Proper accessories can completely elevate an outfit from looking basic to trendy. Masks are no exception. It is kind of sad that a medical safety tool has become so deeply entrenched in us due to the disease that we have to find ways to make it look cool. Nevertheless, you can find affordable masks that color-contrast your outfits, masks that have funky quotes on them and even masks that have your favourite character drawn on them. All these designs can be achieved without compromising on the quality and protection provided by the mask, which we should not forget is its primary function.