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Luxur 25L Olive Green Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Luxur 25L Olive Green Anti-theft Laptop Backpack


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Well this anti theft backpack has taken good features from both the ANTI THEFT BACKPACK as well as the normal backpack. So while we are having concealed zippers at the back for all the essential and important items, based on the feedback of many users we are now having two pockets in the front for non essentials as well as two water bottle holders on the outside. In essence this is a HYBRID ANTI THEFT BACKPACK. Added to that we are also having an attached rain cover with the bag making it completely water proof for all your essentials. Presenting to you the complete anti-theft backpack in the Market. "LUXUR BLACK ANTI-THEFT" with attached RAIN COVER only from "F GEAR". The laptop stow compartment has been provided with ample layers of protective padding to protect your valuable laptop. The bag can be opened partially around 90° for quick access or can be fully opened around 180° for complete access with everything visible at a glance, no more groping around in the bag. So if you are looking at an advanced version of THE ANTI THEFT BACKPACK. GO FOR IT!

  • Anti-Theft backpack has added safety features for you laptop and other precious devices.
  • Hidden pockets at one side give you quick access to items like cellphones, IDs, or other handy things that you frequently need, and you don't have to take off your backpack to get it.
  • Luxur Anti-theft Backpack can be opened in either 90°, or 180°,just like a bag and a suitcase.
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